Enterprise Development

Contractor development programmes and enterprise development initiatives focus the business on supplier and customer sustainability and growth. Our objective is to enable opportunities within all of our operations for previously disadvantaged employees and or community members.

Creating Value through Enterprise Development

We know that a key value driver to grow an investment is good management to increase productivity along the value chain, achieve scale and improve logistics. We are committed to growing and investing in our stakeholders and the African economy with particular focus on the growth of emerging black-owned businesses. We strive to assist emerging businesses to use every opportunity to be successful and to empower people to own their own businesses. We are demonstrating this commitment through the contractor development programme.

The Enterprise Development Programme

The MTO initiative focused on gender sensitisation and providing opportunities for women in the forestry sector. This company, majority owned by a trust, will present opportunities for the development of young black women in the forestry sector.

The MTO Contractor Development Programme

The initiative focuses on the development of contractors and service providers. As a significant portion of forestry work is outsourced to independent contractors, this programme is critical to ensure that the contractors have the necessary business skills and/or financial backing to operate efficiently, effectively and profitably. This programme is a comprehensive capacity building programme, including elements of business skills training, mentorship for contractors and financial assistance where contractors are capable of improving and expanding their businesses. Contractors are assessed in order to identify inefficiencies which may have the potential to impact negatively on their business, e.g. planning, stock control, operational excellence and safety. Development needs are based on this assessment.

The Labour Carrier Programme

Transporting people is critical to our operations but also remains a high risk activity. “The Labour Carrier Programme” is a programme focused at ensuring that our vehicles comply with an approved safety standard to mitigate risk.

Sustainable Ecotourism