Why Africa

Branch Out in Africa – Unlock the World

The Challenges

Deforestation has led to a host of associated environmental problems including accelerated rates of biodiversity loss, desertification and soil loss. It has also created a fuel wood crisis, a significant social problem, since 80% of Africans rely on wood or charcoal fuel to meet their cooking and heating needs.

The Opportunities

The implementation of forest management creates economic growth opportunities within rural communities. Through job creation, technical training, increased access to markets, improved infrastructure, and value-adding processing, integrated forestry businesses generate a significant economic multiplier effect, thus improving the livelihoods of those directly and indirectly involved.

Responsible forest management has the potential to reduce urbanisation, increase the availability of fuelwood, protect water quality, enhance carbon sequestration, and reduce the pressures on biodiversity. MTO Group’s strategic intention to produce in Africa for Africa is sound as the demand for forest products in Africa keeps growing with demographics and economic growth.

The MTO Group