Our People

People are core to any successful business. On this journey we are committed to:

Building healthy resilient relationships

Collaborating with government and NGO’s in community development and well-being

Engaging and supporting communities

Protecting human rights

Building Healthy Resilient Relationships

People are core to every successful business. MTO is committed to building healthy and resilient relationships with all stakeholders. Our social performance strategy defines the framework according to which we manage this.

Engaging and Supporting Communities

MTO engage and support communities in the following areas:


Skills Training

Youth Development

Health & Safety


MTO Group is very aware of the critical need for education in Africa. We support various initiatives to assist with raising the level of education in the country.

Changing the Future of Forestry Communities through Multi-Purpose Community Centres

We support various surrounding villages and communities by partnering with stakeholders to enable the establishment of multi-purpose community centres. These centres provide early childhood development opportunities through creches, pre-schools and after-care centres as well as sports academies offering running, BMX and mountain bike skills training and team participation opportunities.

The impact of investing in these children is remarkable. It is encouraging to see that many of the children that graduate from our support programs are achieving top results and have been given the necessary grounding to realise their full potential throughout their school careers. We are committed to continually develop programs that will inevitably cater for support throughout their school careers with the intention to identify and develop talent from early childhood through to tertiary education. We strive to enhance and ensure that the critical skills shortage in the forestry sector is addressed and improved accordingly.

Learner Transport

MTO has vehicles that are dedicated to transporting children who have challenges traveling to and from school due to the remote locations of the forestry communities.

We encourage and invite participation from other stakeholders such as the Department of Rural Development, the Department of Social Development, the Department of Health and Local municipalities so that we can reach a broader base.

Skills Training

Concordia Training Centre

MTO has two accredited training centres; one in the Western Cape and the other in Mpumalanga commonly known as the Concordia Training Academy. We specialise in providing fully integrated training programs to the forestry and manufacturing sectors. We have selectively designed our offering in order to address training needs throughout the industry supply chain. We currently offer 90 courses, that are facilitated on campus and/or on site to a wide range of customers.

Youth Development

Bursary Programmes

Every year there are a minimum of 15 bursaries awarded to a range of recipients from a range of bursary schemes available throughout the MTO group.

MTO provides various bursary programmes. The programme suited to tomorrow’s leaders is the Hester Evenwel Bursary.

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Health & Safety

Prioritising Health and Safety is a major focus of the company and is driven from all levels in the group to ensure a culture of Health and Safety permeates the organisation.


MTO lives by its commitment to send everyone home safely at the end of each day. We believe in a holistic and all-inclusive approach to health and safety. It is part of our DNA and is entrenched in the culture of the MTO Group. We meticulously analyse data and trends to understand the risks. A standard reporting matrix is used to report on trends and identify areas that require priority action. The company focuses on the underlying causes of accidents, including training and supervision, alcohol abuse and general worker wellness in order to proactively manage and mitigate health and safety risks. We place the highest priority on worker and
contractor safety.

We are certified and annually audited by SGS to the OSHAS 18001 standard, an internationally accepted standard of assessing and auditing occupational health and safety management systems.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

MTO provides all employees with protective clothing and equipment required for their protection in their work environment.


Basic health and safety training forms part of our induction process. We regularly update employees on safe work procedures and remind ourselves of the focused areas through weekly toolbox talks and regular engagement.

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