Reshaping the African timber landscape, sustainably.

What Sets MTO Apart?

The MTO | group is built on solid foundations with a renewed focus to reposition as a leading Pan-African timber product and solutions provider.

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MTO | global

is the heartbeat of our business. It’s the intelligence centre focused on the market and its customers. We deliver exceptional service and offer quality products sourced from around the globe to ensure customer satisfaction; offering a “one stop shop” buying solution.

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MTO | group

is the nerve centre of our business. The core directive given to the executives is to enable the business divisions to drive our strategy from the bottom up and engender our culture and values through committed and passionate participation at every level.

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MTO | solutions

is the technical centre of our business. They play a role in supporting a high performance culture by analysing forestry resources, investigating market synergies and optimising industrial solutions to link the resources and markets.

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MTO | cares

is the heart of our business. We are fully vested in a number of projects that include contractor development initiatives, safety, wellness and nutrition programs (4000 meals per day), as well as a portfolio of corporate social investments. We CARE about our people.

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